Agrostone has 25 years experience in mining natural stones and others agglomerate stones for major exporting purposes. We are much aware of the global warming implications and the future development of sustainable architecture. As a result we have traded our mining expertise to focus more on researching and developing agglomerate stones, precasts and concrete panels whilst mass producing all artificial stones.
Agrostone's rapid growth in technology has been achieved with the help of our selectively acquired sophisticated equipment. Traditional Technology barriers were redefined and state of the art engineering methods refined for the future by reducing the effects of pollution and anti-slip, increasing durability, self-cleansing ability, fire and water resistance. Agrostone products have achieved international standards and subsequent recognition. We wish to share our achievements with the world.

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The Earth is our home, and we are striving to continuously produce and develop green energy solutions and reduce carbon emissions. We have to work together as the Earth's sons to create a greener lifestyle treasuring our precious resources.

Let us contribute as a prominent guardian of Earth's Conservation.